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Legends Cup

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Manville Legends Cup

The encounter of legends
of soccer and rugby around
an exceptional golf tournament.

What is it ?

An ancestral rivalry…

But basically rugby men and soccer players have a lot of points in common…

Their passion for the little white ball is one of them ! This is what brings them together. at the Golf Club of Domaine de Manville for an event placed under the sign of conviviality of refinement and luxury.

Former international players for the most part, they had their moment of glory in their respective discipline. Their spirit of competition remains intact and the combat to take away the Trophy will be intense but always placed under the sign of fair play.

Where is it ?

At the golf course of Domaine de Manville

Domaine de Manville offers an exceptional golf course for an unforgettable golf event in Provence. The golf course in fact respects certain restrictions applied to a protected area, but not only. Also as beautiful as an olive grove, it is as full of life as a parcel of vineyards. Favorably welcoming the local flora and fauna, it permits the development of a network of interconnected species conducive to ecological wealth.

This new generation golf course was considered exemplary by the French State.

When is it ?

Every year in October.

The Manville Legends Cup is an event that takes place during the month of October at the time of the international break for soccer players.


What a joy for this 2nd edition which will be played as always on the superb golf course of Manville at the foot of Baux de Provence to find our international soccer friends for « The Revenge ». Our permanent competition between rugby and soccer players permits us to sublimate thanks to the spirit of revenge that fuels us. In spite of the respect that we have for our soccer player friends, they must know that « the outsiders » will not let anything pass for 2 days. But of course, may the best win and let »s enjoy these marvelous shared moments.

Jo Maso – Captain of the Rugby men


For this 2nd edition, we , soccer players must be humble if we want to re-edit last year »s feat. Our rugby men friends will be thirsty for revenge, geared up more thane ver. Whatever the result the great winner will always be « conviviality », word to the wise.

Antoine Kombouaré – Captain of the Soccer Players


The Manville Legends Cup is already the major event at Domaine de Manville and its continuation makes
it one of the sports events the most awaited and the friendliest on a national level.

Patrick Saut – Owner of Domaine de Manville