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The pros

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A philosophy


Our coaching values the unique and sustainable talent that is waiting to be discovered and developed in each individual.

Our method consists in assisting you with your swing and in the mastering of all of the areas of the game according to your personality.

You will discover the dynamic of your colors in order to optimize your talent and work on your progression with complete confidence.


A support

Our pedagogical teaching
values ​​your qualities.

The analysis of your swing

This work is built after an analysis of your swing thanks to the latest technologies. A revolutionary teaching studio composed of software that allows you to manage several modules simultaneously:

  • The swing player terminal that automatically films the player’s swing and plays it instantly without any manipulation on his part.
  • The trackman that analyzes the trajectory and distance of your ball and the position of the club at the moment of impact.
  • The pressure plate which calculates the distribution of the transfer of the supports in perfect synchronization with the video of the swing.

Strategy & Mental approach

This work is pursued by the strategy and mental approach evaluated in situation to build your confidence.

We must differentiate know-how acquired during a personal and professional journey and our “natural” forces related to our archaic profile. The ways of doing things are often energy intensive and do not allow us to achieve the level of performance we want.


The pros

Stéphane MOURGUE

Stéphane Mourgue is the head coach of the Domaine de Manville. Ex national coach of the ffgolf sector professional players. Specializing in mental preparation, this gives him an even more relevant expertise in the service of the player.

Anthony TRON

30th French amateur player in 2012, after some tournaments on the third European division, Anthony began his golf teaching career in 2016 at BPJEPS Montpellier Creps. He validates his diploma of coach (DEJEPS) in 2019 under the wing of his tutor Stéphane Mourgue.

Damien GEMAR

Trained at CREPS de Vichy, Damien GEMAR has rubbed shoulders with high level players notably at the Leadbetter Academy of Montpellier or Ilbarritz. Having passed by Mignaloux-Beauvoir, Avignon Chateaublanc and La Rochelle, Damien has been in Manville since 2015.