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The colors of my golf

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Our method
« The colors of my golf club »

Many golfers fall into the trap of training focused on physical performance and technical mastery without taking into consideration the importance of brain function.

This results in doubt, misconception and frustration. As a result, as soon as difficulty occurs, motivation decreases and all dreams of success, pleasure, victories and mastery crumble.

The player cannot count only on technical and physical competence. He or she must also construct a mental strategy. That is the goal of this profile.

Research shows that to know oneself is the major asset of performance and progression. There is no set profile to become a champion or an enlightened amateur. because what count sis not your style, but what you will do with it !

From your personalized profile and a personalized backing, you will discover the dynamics of your colors to enhance your strong points and work on your areas of progress. Red, yellow, green, blue : each color reveals itself in its own way !

To discover the key of success.


The objective of the training course is to understand your own style.

  • The focus of the first day is to discover your profile. To understand the preferred operation of each color.
  • The second day is devoted to determining your line of progress in different technical aspects of your game (swing, wedging, putting...).
  • The following days your profile will be implemented around technique and on the different golf courses played.